Monday, December 10, 2012

reasons why i wanted to be hallie parker in 1998

blue nails
side bangs
"get real"
bad-a poker skillz
she goes to the coolest summer camp of all time
cool camera that she could use to spy on people
house with swimming pool and awesome dog
rides horses
looks cool while camping
not afraid of picking up lizards
the way she wore her sunglasses on her head
the leo dicaprio picture
she was just the definition of "sooo coool" to me


kassie said...

I feel so so good about this whole post. May or may not have almost cut my own side bangs. And I wore my sunglasses like that always!

One addition. She was a really good at fencing.

Hailey said...

you just explained my childhood. hallie is the best one. also her name is almost my name.

Kelsey said...


also, until i was 12 years old, i thought lindsay lohan had a twin. i never knew it was just her...

jenna said...

when i was little i went to get my haircut and i told the lady to cut my bangs like hallie parker, they were just the coolest!

megan danielle said...

so true!!! i had these shorts that were the same pattern of a shirt she wears in the movie...i loved those shorts.

Mandy said...

Haha what the! I had no idea girls were just as obsessed as I was at that age! I can totally relate to every single thing you wrote. The haircut? Yep, I had it. Hallie FTW.

morgan. said...

literally, i pretended to be her. my cousin & i would play "pretend parent trap" & we would always fight over who got to be hallie.

Brissa said...

but like, really. she was just the coolest person. and she cut hair. like, perfectly.