Sunday, December 2, 2012

november times

i saw 4am far too many times and ate a metric ton of nutella.
i saw the killers and died of happiness. and maybe busted a vocal chord for screaming.
i was told that i was funnier than dick van dyke and conan. whoa. maybe a hyperbole there.
two of my professors replied to my tweets. which is more validating than a celebrity replying. (and i actually got a semi-celebrity favorite on a tweet, which was neat).
i got an awesome thanksgiving break with my favorite people and cat in the whole world.
i made some incredibly awesome friends. the film department brings similar people together and we spent hours and hours oversharing our entire life stories with each other while working on set and making cool things together.
november: good.


megan danielle said...

oh my gosh i LOVE that first picture.

Bailey said...

love your blog.

bailey @

Olivia said...

I agree. November was fabulous.