Wednesday, December 26, 2012

the christmas times

{christmas eve is a really good day for the guy in charge of the pajama industry. and, just noticed kirsten attempting to strangle kaity. cool.}

it's been such a fun christmas break so far, and yesterday was really rad. i can tell you that there's nothing better than hanging out with my family 24/7, playing games, eating so much crazy delicious food (and also slow-clapping for my mom when she pulls off the freeway to take us to in-n-out), singing to t-swift in the car, and finding out my dad is a BIG spiderman fan. and how about utah's blizzard, huh? all good things.

yesterday, i was transferring all my contacts from my old phone to my new christmas phone (holla), and i was reminded that i'm most grateful for all of the people in my life. i have the most stellar family and friends. it was weird to see that a large portion of the contacts in my phone are all my guy friends out on missions right now. that was a little sad, but i'm also so incredibly happy they're all out there helping people and serving the lord. it was also fun to add in all of my old friends from high school, and then to add my new friends i've met since being in college. i've been so blessed to be able to know so many amazing people.

i'm also so thankful for my heavenly father and jesus christ, which is the whole point of this holiday! i know they live and love us.

hope you all had a kool kristmas. thanks for reading!
xoxo -jess

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