Friday, December 14, 2012

our magical friendship

i mentioned that this has been my favorite semester ever. i learned so much about myself, the world, art, people, and of course films and media in general. i loved going to every single class and looked forward to doing my homework. i grew so much and had amazing professors and watched and read cool things and made cool movies and great friends and never fell asleep in class.. guys, film school is awesome.

i have to attribute some of the awesome-ness to those two guys, hunter and kelyn. unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures together, which is weird because we spent hours and hours and hours and hours together. in class, outside class, on set, etc. we are harry, ron, and hermione in my own universe.

these guys are hilarious and nice and geniuses and they really made my semester neat.  hunter is leaving us for a semester for a fancy pants internship in L.A. (like a REALLY fancy pants internship) and we're going to miss him like crazy. but i'm so happy i'll still get to spend every day next semester hanging out with kelyn. these guys, these guys. they're the best. film school is the best.

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