Monday, December 17, 2012

just watched freaks and geeks

christmas break means finally getting to those shows i've been needing to see. this show. this show.
i'm in love with it. it's the best high-school-teenager thing i have seen, period. 
bill haverchuck totally stole my heart, james franco is a major hottie (obvs), and it had me tearing up quite a few times. 

bill... he is the man.

look at how cool it is. and that's just the theme song.


Jordyn said...

It's def high on my list of best all-time TV shows ever made. So freaking amazing. How can it be laugh out loud funny while still making you cry????

Melissa said...

I need to watch this. Everyone talks about it so much.

<3 Melissa

Nathan and Kaitlin said...

Ahhhh I LOVE Freaks and Geeks. So mad it's only 1 season. One of the greatest shoes ever made!

Brissa said...

do you know how long this show has been begging me to watch it? like, years. i need to. i need to.

Olivia said...

Oh I love this! Freaks and Geeks is thee best! And yes, I LOVE James Franco.

Linds said...

Just started watching this today.
oh my gosh, the best.
Now it's used as our sister dates.