Sunday, July 17, 2011

moving to the girls dormitory

this weekend i had a sad realization. i'm moving out in 6 weeks. this beauty of a bedroom will no longer exist for me. yeah, i'll have a different room upstairs where i'll sleep when i come home. but this room has been my abode for 6 years! the most comfortable big bed of all time. my many movie posters filling the walls. twinkle lights. my life size johnny depp. a walk in closet. purple walls. i'm going to miss it.

the good news is i'll have to get rid of A TON of stuff before i move out. i have way too much and it'll be nice to cut down. also, my new roommate is so cool. you guys should meet her sometime.


Cole said...

getting rid of a "TON" of stuff is probably an understatement.Also, we will try to make your upstairs room cool. You've had the biggest kid bedroom in the house since November 2004. Time to downsize a bit. But we're keeping those wall purple forever. lyt

Em said...

That is awesome! Whenever I do a big room clean out my mom gets excited and asks me where I'm going. Its like she thinks I'll actually move out one day. you need another roommate? ;)