Saturday, July 23, 2011

backpack backpack

today, i started the "cleaning out the room for college" process by cleaning out my backpack, which went into the closet sometime mid-may and wasn't touched until today. some treasures i found:

several permission slips/disclosure documents. good thing i turned those in...
$26. my refund from the financial office.
$1. from mr. deans. he gave it to me for being the smartest in my government class. favoritism?
a piece of paper where i practiced forging nate greenwood's mom's signature for him.
our kpgr christmas card.
a crunched up heath bar.
the page of the best mr. newman quotes, courtesy of nathan church.
a map of the world that danny harding gave me. i'm going to hang it up.
a note from danny harding, which was attached to our homecoming pictures. very poetic:
a picture is worth a thousand words. our homecoming memories are worth a million.

oh, high school. you were good to me.
i'm thrilled that i don't have to go back though.

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Danny "Cobra Commander" Harding said...

Heck freaking yes. mentioned twice in the same post? What a treat!