Sunday, July 31, 2011

life as we know it.

1. we went to ikea and a concert. he claims to be allergic to cameras. ha.

2. sammy's. before getting caught in a crazy downpour.

3. we made a cake today. happy birthday mr. potter.


Brissa said...

that cake is amazing.
the more i read/stalk your life, the more i want to be your friend/you.

Roxxy Cambridge said...

The most important day of the year, that being my birthday o'course, is just five days before my best friend HP's. I keep begging the fools in my life to cook me up a cake in HP's honor, but they've failed, year after year. I'm disappointed, and somewhat jelly that you got to eat that cake.

Nicole said...

you made a birthday cake for harry without me?!
you're disloyal.