Monday, July 18, 2011

ice ice land.

I learned a word that describes my condition.


Noun: A strong desire to travel

I'm wanderlust-ing.

Where have you always wanted to go?


clay said...

tibet! i want to go to the temples in the mountains.

Cynthia said...

this is a note from your friendly neighborhood blog stalker.
Bali. I've wanted to go there since i was 14.
I've been to iceland!!! it was breath taking.... and it's also the only time i've ever seen the northern lights, which makes that place oh so much more magical.
if you fly iceland air, they always have a layover in rekjavik.... sooooo that's one way for you to get there!

Brock said...


johanna said...

Switzerland. Or Johannesburg, South Africa.

Evan Kirby said...

new zealand. where you can surf and ski on the same island.

emilee said...

ireland, for sure.