Tuesday, July 5, 2011

it's the hot time of year.

summer has been good to me. i have officially been working at my job for one month and i've gotten two saweet paychecks. i like that boy and he treats me like a princess. i have been reading harry potter books and listening to enya, bon iver, and edward sharpe nonstop. i watched ryan reynolds be a super hero. i got dirty feet from playing barefoot in the grass and have slept in a fort. i almost pulled an all nighter and have eaten a lot of otter pops; only the green ones. i went to a rodeo and drove in a jeep. i chalked the bk and hiked to a waterfall.

my days have been busy.
they have been good too.

and i'm going to the mountains to hang out at a lake for the rest of this week.
oh hallelujah. let's stop time for a while.

sometimes kirsten sneaks pictures of us, like the one above.
i'm glad she does.


Kaleena J. said...

um. adorable picture.

can you believe harry potter comes out next friday??

Sidney said...

So.. i like this picture. :)

clay said...

in my perfect world, there would only be green otter pops. they are soooo much better than the rest.