Friday, October 29, 2010

university of pleasant grove college: our campus is our campus

Let me give you some information behind this video.

College day. Maybe you remember it. We had to watch a bunch of cheesy little videos about each college and why we should go there. Cameron passed me a note during one of the presentations that said, "we have to make a video like this about our school. but call it pleasant grove college."

And we did.

Cameron Tribe
Dillon Hutchins

Kind of starring:
Sam Norton
Mckay Keetch
Mr. Newman
Ruger Memmott

Filmed by:
Jessie Marquis

A little bit filmed by:
Mckay Keetch

Edited by:
Jessie Marquis

Co-written by:
Jessie Marquis
Cameron Tribe


Mallory said...

oh. my gosh jessie. this is the greatest thing i have EVER seen.

Jameson said...

"everyone has a locker, except for people that don't"
that video is golden. good work team.

lisa said...

haha you are brilliant. THIS is brilliant.

McKay V. Keetch said...

yes! i got my little bit credit! haha i really do love this video. even though i've seen it too many times.

Cole said...

that's my girl!

caihay said...

I love this. fantastic. you guys did a great job!

Lindsey said...

That made me cry from laughing. Everything is so true!! Made my day. So great.