Thursday, October 14, 2010

oh, i just thought of something to say

You may remember this post I did.

I'd like to clarify something right now.
YES, the Jonas Brothers passed their prime a while ago.
But I still think they're pretty dreamy.
Really dreamy actually.

How could you say no to those faces?
I'm not ashamed to say it anymore:
I'd love me a JoBro.

While we're here, we might as well do a Snog, Date, Dump.
Since Kevin is married now and thus out of the running, we'll add Zac Efron.

Joe, Nick, and Zac.
Snog. Date. Dump.
Give me a few days to think about it.


kylie said...

um, date and snog zac.
he's totally carvin' in this pic.
also, i'm sort of have a crush on him. no big deal.

Cole said...

you can add Zac to anything, anytime, anywhere