Thursday, October 28, 2010

burning bridge

One of the coolest things since I got a missionary high five out a car window happened today.

Keetch, Dillon, Cam, and I were doing a radio show during second period. We were talking about Gandolfo's and how wonderful it was, when Gandolfo himself called us and told us we could all have free sandwiches.

Actually, we sort of called the restaurant and told them to listen to KPGR, then we praised them on the radio for 5 minutes, and then a guy (who wasn't really Gandolfo) called in and told us we could all have free sandwiches if we brought them a recording of the show. So we spent most of 3rd period in total bliss eating free sandwiches at Gandi's.

I love those kind sandwich-making souls that listen to local radio stations when high school kids tell them to.

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