Monday, October 18, 2010

quilting bee

Remember how I am in love with quilts?
Also, how I'm sort of obsessed with maps?

So apparently, they make these quilts now with city maps stitched on them.
Whaat? I know.
These have just shot to the #1 spot on my wish list.

I'm excited about these.

*Something I've realized this week (as I've been watching a lot of Next Iron Chef on Food Network):
I'm much better at sewing than I am at cooking.
I enjoy sewing much more than cooking too.
Maybe because you don't eat your project when you're done.
You get to enjoy it and use it and cherish it for.e.ver.

Aaaand, sewing projects don't boil over/burn/set up if you take your time making them...


caihay said...

Oh, my mom's a quilter. you should visit my house, we have a ridiculous amount of quilts. probably you two would be friends. she would want to adopt you, since none of her daughters really got into that.

sydnee said...

shut the front door.
i need one of those.