Monday, September 21, 2009

"It was a weird day; I accidentally crossdressed."

I didn't actually crossdress. But it was kind of an weird day.
1. I woke up shaking from a nightmare I had about Coraline. I dream about Coraline all the time. I really liked that movie in a weird way, but I keep having nightmares about it. I want to read the book, but I'm afraid if I read it I will never sleep again.
2. I was 15 minutes late to first period because I was playing chess in the library. Chess in the library is on the list of things I have to do at PG before I graduate. Along with riding a rolly chair down that really steep hall. I played against Brock, who is a rather cool guy. I won, by the way.
3. I researched celebrity birthdays all during 2nd period. The radio room was 170 degrees fahrenheit, literally, so we were in a computer lab researching interesting facts to talk about on our radio show. There aren't too many cool celebrities with my same birthday. Martin Luther King, Jr. That's it.
4. A kid owed me a bag of Doritos, so I got a free bag of chips. I'm addicted to chips.
5. I have a huge heat blister on my thumb. Hot glue gun. It keeps oozing toxic juices.
6. I got a flu shot. I really like them in a weird way.
7. Me and Ryan had a funny radio show. Radio shows are like the highlight of my week. You get to wear big headphones and listen to music for an hour and half. It's like big kid toys. I like it.
8. Me and Ryan bought a box of Captain Crunch. It was for a contest winner on our radio show. Then Ryan's car was out of gas and we couldn't get the gas cap to pop open. It was an ordeal.
9. We grilled burgers for dinner and roasted marshmallows. Last official day of summer. We wanted to go out with a bang.
10. Kaity got stung by two bees. I have never heard anyone scream like that. Ever. I've been stung about 8 times in my life, so I know how she felt.
11. I hardly did any homework. hehehe.
12. My wireless mouse just ran out of batteries. What? That was really weird. I've never heard of that happening.
By Jessica

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