Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I'm not an intentional eavesdropper. I think people should just mind their own business. But sometimes, I overhear things. I will just be walking down the hall at school or whatever, and I will hear a snippet of the conversation of the people passing me. Sometimes they are hysterical. About a year ago, I started writing down some of the funny snippets I heard on the notepad of my phone. I found the list the other day:
"...And then he got cinnamon in my shoe!"
"...Yeah, I have licked a bullet..."
"...I love Finding Nemo. Except I hate how he is trying to find his son the whole time..."
"...It's going to be really hard to go to the bathroom like this..."
"...Dude, I haven't shaved since before Prom..."
{said by a boy} "...Uh, my cuticles are terrible..."
"...You just grabbed that hose and didn't let go..."
and my personal favorite...
"...Just because he's ripped doesn't mean he's a good fighter..."
Here is a random picture to go with all the random snippets.
It looks like this little girl 'just grabbed that hose and didn't let go.'
By Jessica

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