Wednesday, May 4, 2016


On our trip to DC we went to check out the Renwick Gallery, which is like right around the corner from the White House. They have a sweet contemporary art exhibit up right now called Wonder ft. some really sweet pieces.

 These are made out of index cards. Index cards!

Artist Gabriel Dawe did another rainbow installation in the museum at BYU, too. It's even bigger than this one.

Giant nests. So cool I want to put blankets and pillows inside and hang out in them.

This thing represented the geothermal record of the tsunami in Japan. It changes colors and everyone just lays down on the ground underneath it. So relaxing. 

Not pictured, intricate wallpaper made out of insects. Not pictured for a reason. Ahh.

Everyone needs to go see that exhibit. Especially the Obamas because they are, like, right there.


kyliebrooke|s said...

THIS WAS THE BESTTTTTT I'm so glad we went to this.

Kynia said...

WOW! those giants nests are incredible! That last sentence stole the show for me though... haha thanks for sharing xx amazing!