Wednesday, May 11, 2016


The day after I graduated from college, my sister Kylie and I left on vacation to DC. We called it "Revenge Trip 2016" since both of our husbands are going on their own different trips this summer without us. We spent the majority of the time in museums though, so I don't think they were very jealous ... But we had a blast!

Right after we landed, Kylie's friend and our host picked us up and we took the walk around the tidal basin to see all the monuments. AT NIGHT. Which is something I love doing. Night is magic.

I learned that Lincoln's hands are (loosely) doing ASL for "A" and "L" because the sculptor's son was deaf. Cool, right?

The next morning we drove out to see the DC temple, which is probably my favorite.

Next up: Capitol Hill and Eastern Market

The only cherry blossoms we made it in time to see, oops.

ART!!! My art history minor super paid off and I just love impressionism/post-impressionism ahh.

National Archives to see important documents.

The next day we hit up the Air and Space museum! So many planes in there, just wow.

Probably the only museum Shae would have been into, haha.

After the Renwick, stopped by the Obama residence.

Oh, really good food throughout including Shake Shack (above) and a sweet cookie bar at whole foods (featured on my instagram).

National Cathedral, Library of Congress.
Not pictured: MORE MUSEUMS.  If you're in DC, you HAVE to see the Newseum. The museum about the history of the news. It was my favorite. The Philips collection at Dupont Circle was great too.

After 4 days of straight walking, we ended our trip by WALKING some more around the tidal basin again, but only after resting at the Jefferson with our shoes off for like an hour. Ahh. Twilight was a nice time for the monuments too.

Revenge Trip 2016, you were great. Trying to figure out how move to the blessed east coast right now... 


kyliebrooke|s said...

Revenge Trip 2016 was a huge success but you forgot to mention that now I'm addicted to Chopped.

kylee said...

DC at night is beautiful. DC TEMPLE! CRYING EMOJI, love that place sooo much. I always wanted to go to the newseum but never wanted to pay for it. NEXT TIME. Library of Congress is my favorite favorite building in DC. I am obsessed with this post and so happy you guys went!