Monday, May 9, 2016

"Don't cry over spilled milk. But if your car dies you're allowed to cry a little bit." - Shae

Sometimes you have great weekends and sometimes you don't. This weekend my phone shattered, my car engine died while I was on the freeway, and I received my bill for my ER-kidney stone visit (crying emoji). 

When things like this happen on top of my other woes, I sometimes feel so hopeless and like my life just is the crappiest. I have to very actively try to look at the bright side of things. 

At least I didn't die in a fiery car wreck and I just happened to break down at the Pleasant Grove exit so my dad was able to come help me out in just a few minutes. At least I had my phone for a full year and a half without ever dropping it, which is pretty good if you ask me. At least it was just a kidney stone and not something more serious, and now in the future I'll be able to identify that pain and I'll know what to do and won't have to go to the ER again.

I know my trials are really not so serious and so so so many other people are in worse plights than myself. But I just try to remember that any trial is making me a better human and my future self is going to be so much stronger than my current self. And maybe I'll even be able to help others with what I've learned.

Being a person is really hard, you know? But we're all here because we knew we could handle these things and wanted to progress. We wouldn't progress if it was easy.

That's all. I love my family and my husband for taking care of me.


Nicole said...

AMEN. Being a person is so hard sometimes!! But I am glad you didn't die in a fiery car wreck too.

kyliebrooke|s said...

i'm sorry this week has been your worst. :(

Kynia said...

remember that one time in the MTC? when we both thought it couldn't get any worse... and then it actually got better? praying for that to happen again to you, soon. keep your chin up babe xX it will get better!