Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Him: Studying for the DAT, which he will be taking in one month. He is the definition of diligence, I think. The other day I went to his study room to take him some snacks and he said, "You know, I'd be really good at solitary confinement. Just give me wifi and some goals and I'm good." Hahaha. I'm so lucky to be with someone that is so ambitious and has such great foresight. Everything I know about goals and long-term investment has come from him. His future is bright. 

And I hope our kids inherit dark hair from him.

Me: I'm working on that job search. Painting pictures. Coloring a documentary. Making new pasta sauces. Watching Documentary Now which is HILARIOUS considering I majored in documentary film and have seen the docs they are parody-ing and I love Portlandia. My big Achilles heel is that I can't drive stick safely, so I basically don't go anywhere right now. (My car should be back by the end of the week though ... Engine transplant).

Also being carless/jobless right now has given me lots of time to watch Broadchurch. You know those shows where you finish watching it and you're like, "Wow, I wish I could unsee this whole thing and watch it again afresh" because it was THAT GOOD!? Yeah, I especially loved Season 1, but I also love a good tv trial (season 2). If you were sad that the Sherlock episodes all ran out ... Broadchurch is for you. Netflix. Must watch.

Tune in next time when I hopefully will be not be posting about tv shows and will be posting about how I finally have my shiz together.


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Kynia said...

I feel you girl. I just came off of an almost five month unemployment streak :( just keep plugging away and I'm sure someone will snatch you up here soon. they'd be silly not to! On a positive note, Broadchurch is now on my to-netflix list. so... thank you! xX