Tuesday, October 23, 2012

the good things today start with "c"

chips ahoy chewy chocolate chip cookies.
club sandwich from blimpie for lunch with dad and sister.

this screenshot became my desktop picture today...

and one other thing that doesn't start with c.
a missionary friend's description of trying vegemite:

Imagine dropping a dollop of crusty dark chocolate into a pool of tar. Then, retrieve that tarred chocolate with a dirty diaper, throw it into a bucket of salt, and then let it sit on the sidewalk for about three days. That's Vegemite. Don't ever try it. I feel like I should repent cause nothing so foul and profane has ever touched my lips before.


megan danielle said...

hahahahahahahaha that vegemite description had me busting a gut! so stinkin hilarious!!!!

Brissa said...

haha vegemite.