Monday, October 1, 2012

happy october

yesterday we stopped at fish lake on our way home from cedar city (where we watched two really amazing plays). i've been to fish lake about 20 times in my life, but always in the summer. it's beautiful in the fall too.

i'm starting to get this urge to make a lot of fall-inspired art. if only i had the time to cut out a lot of tiny pieces of orange paper and cardboard and glue them together. consequently, i'll probably just be posting a lot of fall-inspired art created by other people on my blog. i'm also wanting to watch every halloween movie. and go see the dancing skeleton.

completely separate from that: i have this really wise professor. wiser than dumbledore, i daresay. i always leave his class with my mind going 1000 miles per hour (and going loudly,  i might add). i have never thought so hard about life and humanity and literature and films and my own behavior and attitudes and beliefs before taking that class. it's causing me to examine everything i do and read and view and observe and create. and it can be exhausting. and totally humbling at the same time. now just articulating all my thoughts into words...

that was a lot of words for only one picture. if you made it through the whole thing, i commend you.

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Cynthia said...

I had a professor like that too. changed my life for the better. he was one of the best and most influential in my life. soak it in while you can!