Friday, October 19, 2012

invisible goldfish

my big sister kylie lives directly across the street from me. 90 steps from her front door to mine. 
which is AWESOME. she's nice to have around.

we have made thursday nights into fun-sister-bonding-eating-justdancing-watchingmovies-nights.
yesterday was in-n-out, the october tradition: corpse bride, and frankenweenie.

guys. frankenweenie.
i command you to go see it. today. skip school. skip work. whatever. 
it was so good. just go watch it.

i went in expecting a pretty good halloween movie.
but it is a FANTASTIC all-the-time movie. well done, tim burton.

i will own frankenweenie the day it comes out. 
and i will probably be watching it and quoting it as much as i do fantastic mr. fox
(that's big, people).

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