Sunday, November 20, 2011

road trip

Blogging from the car? What?
I remember when my parents would bungee cord our little TV to the partition between the driver seat and the passenger seat on road trips so Kylie and I could watch our Ferngully and Mary-Kate and Ashley VHSs.
Technology is pretty neat these days.


Kari said...

Mary-Kate and Ashley movies are the best. Also, your cardigan is adorable!

Brissa said...

like kari, i also like your cardigan.
mka videos are the best. ferngully was so good. man, i wish i lived in the 90s again.

sydnee said...

we also bungee corded a tv.
we put it on top of a plastic crate thing.
passport to paris was my favorite mary kate and ashley movie

kylie said...

hey jess, i'm still sitting next to you in the car. we are very technological. what??

jalissa said...

i just stalked your blog for about an hour, it's no big deal. i just kind of adore it and you.

that's all.
oh wait, have a fun trip!