Tuesday, November 15, 2011

impossible dream

i wish i videotaped my film professor lecturing during classes all semester. i'd love to go back and listen to all his cool thoughts again. he is so smart and has such good insights when it comes to film and art, and just life in general. not to mention he is hilarious and totally sarcastic. i really liked something he said a few weeks ago. paraphrasing:

"a lot of times people don't like musicals or operas because they aren't realistic. people think, 'ok, no one really bursts into song when something great or something confusing happens. people don't act that dramatic or cheesy in real life'
...don't you think the people who write the musicals and operas are aware of that? i think they know that it's not realistic. but can't these things just exist for the sake of art and creation?"
- dean duncan

he's so right. i'll be sad when this class ends. but the good news is, he's one of the professors over the film department. so please bless i get in when i apply in the winter.

i've been loving this song lately. it's from a musical called man of la mancha.


Cole said...

we have this cd, in case you are wondering. 4 more sleeps. lyt

johanna said...
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johanna said...

I like Brian Stokes Mitchell best, but this is an amazing version. Love it.