Saturday, November 5, 2011

allred concert.

i went to an allred concert last night (look how close i was) at the velour. ok, that guy is talented. my favorite was his cover of with or without you by u2. gorgeous. he did all the looping of each instrument sound himself. it was unreal.

i love music. this week i've been listening to every kind of music you could think of. and i've been listening to it constantly. seriously, you should see my grooveshark playlist. you name it, it's probably on my list this week. music is so good.


steph said...

my husband (on our second date) took me to late night dinner with allred at denny's haha, so we're like friends :) and he is amazing!

Kelsey Rae said...

it could be slightly problematic that the last 2 and a half hours have been spent reading your blog and laughing so hard i almost pee my pants.

but whatever.
it was so worth it.

xo kelsey rae

Kaleena J. said...

you do blogging right. just so you know.

olivia said...

I need more music.
what is your grooveshark name?