Wednesday, November 30, 2011

oh, i like him.

he came to my orchestra concert last night. nice of him.
isn't he handsome?
rockin the plaid.

we watched fireworks on the fourth of july together.
as we were watching them, we noticed that all the different kinds of fireworks were like people we knew. some fireworks are loud and colorful. some are more subtle but just as pretty. some go off in groups. some are just super bright flashes of light. we compared our friends to fireworks for a while.
then a gold firework went off. you know the big glittery ones that sparkle and spread out really slowly?
he said, "that kind is you. because it's the best kind."

i don't know if he remembers that. but i remember it.


Brissa said...

that is the cutest story ever. i know exactly which one your talking about because those are my favorite kinds.
seriously, i'm melting.
so cute.

lisa said...

like i said, the cutest.
you gotta love a boy in plaid.