Tuesday, October 4, 2011

ten things

1. our walls look like cottage cheese.
2. cottage cheese looks like our walls.

3. i like to study in the jfsb courtyard because it's the place on campus that looks most like hogwarts.
4. you know how the RA puts all the names on the doors in freshman dorms? we made our own.

5. this jug of strange yellow "juice" sat on our table for a while.
6. the day we made a million crepes.

7. final cut pro's death omen. we call it the color wheel of death.
8. the almond joy shake. i had one today and it was awesome.

9. fall leaves smell like heaven.
10. how brooke likes to study.


lisa said...

#9. so true.

Cole said...

made me laugh...kyt

Cole said...

I meant, lyt