Sunday, October 2, 2011

i met a boy.

he was sitting in front of me at the football game on friday.
i thought he was cute as soon as he sat down.
he kept casually glancing back at me.
i smiled at him.
he smiled back.
he glanced back at me throughout the whole first quarter.
then he blew me a kiss.

his mom took him out so they could refill his sippy cup.
he was 3.
but he loves me and that's what counts.
age is just a number.


clay said...


Daniel Scott Harding said...

hahaha that made me laugh! A lot!

Cole said...

sweet ... maybe someday we'll have little boys in our family ... and maybe we will like it ... but i'm leaving this one up to you girls ... lyt

Kaleena J. said...

haha this was so awesome.