Sunday, October 9, 2011

confessions of an introvert

here is a post in contrast to this one: confessions of an extrovert.

an introvert doesn't mind going to work early in the morning or late at night, because that means the front desk people aren't there to greet her.

an introvert likes to sit in an edge seat/against a wall in a classroom, a theatre, etc. so fewer people can sit by her.

an introvert doesn't mind coming home to an empty apartment. there is a strange sense of relief, actually.

an introvert looks forward to going to her classes of 150+ people because she can just chill there without being called on.

an introvert is content to just listen. if she's just sitting there being quiet, she isn't sad or feeling left out. really.

an introvert has probably wondered why she is relieved when she has nothing to do and nowhere to be.

introverts like to have fun. but they need alone time to charge their batteries. introverts are cool. sometimes society makes us feel like being an introvert is the "wrong" way to be. but guess what, it isn't. extroverts like to experience a lot, and introverts like to know a lot about what they experience*. can you imagine a world of only extroverts? madness. extroverts are cool too, but thank goodness we have a mix.

*i think i got that from the introvert advantage.


clay said...

i really loved reading this. you put it just right.

i remember one day at lunch break we had a good conversation about introverts vs. extroverts. and then i went inside and said this (skip to the hasty generalization):

Cole said...


megan danielle said...

hey...look at that, im an introvert! amen to all of this.

Beka said...

i so liked this! especially in response to kyli's post.

kylie said...

ok, just as long as you're REAALLLY not sad about being left out because it keeps extroverts up at night if they feel like they've left someone out or that someone doesn't like them... i believe you, though. not sad. just introvert. :)

kirsten. said...

you & i. something nice about my introvert side taking over.

Kaleena J. said...

i feel like i could have written this, this is JUST LIKE ME.

Cynthia said...

very very true. As I told Kylie, Harry Potter is an introvert. So we kinda win.