Tuesday, July 6, 2010

let's talk about stop motion.

I'm going on a trip. I'll be gone for about 3 days.
I know you guys are all going to {not} really miss me and my blog, so here's a video for you to watch every day that I'm gone. You can watch one each day if you're one of those "space-out-opening-your-birthday-presents-all-day" kind of people. Or you can watch them all on one day for a large dose of stop-action awesomeness.

Wednesday - OK Go. They are basically the masters of cool music video dances. This is mostly time lapse. But it sorta looks like stop-motion at times.

Thursday - I don't think this really qualifies as stop action either. But maybe it's like the derivative of stop action. Yep, derivative. I took AP calculus.

Friday - And I discovered these guys during the previews of The Last Airbender. A true stop-motion video. Actually, they may have sold their souls to the stop-motion gods.

I'm dying to make a stop action video, if you haven't noticed.
K, later guys. See you on Saturday.


McKay V. Keetch said...

jessie! i didnt know you share my obsession with stop motion! those guys at the bottom are rhett and link. they're great, but they dont specialize in stop motion. this video is so amazing because a guy by the name of joe penna (www.youtube.com/mysteryguitarman) directed it for them. he is a freaking stop action and editing genious! check him out for sure! they made it look so fluid by syncing a cannon 7d with their mac book and then using an onion skin feature.
i literally salivated the first time i watched the behind the scenes footage...
oh and i contacted spencer russel from mudbison the other day, im making a music video for their song color tv with steve calaway. its going to be stop motion. let me know if your intrested in being a part of it!
okay now that ive written you a novel, i'll go.

oh you know the usual said...

uh, jessie, i'm gonna miss you. i was going to wait and watch them one a day, but i couldn't stop myself.

Lisa said...

those guys are so neat!
i'm gonna have to invest in a purple jenga t-shirt now.