Wednesday, July 14, 2010

but whater.

there was a huge centipede in my room last night. thinking about going back to school makes my insides feel squirmish. astigmatisms? i gots two of those. i wish i didn't look so awkward while doing yoga because i really like it. i sewed a bag today. i just wanna watch iron man 2 again. one day i really want a bathroom that connects to my bedroom. i'm convinced i should be mrs. chuck bartowski. neopolitan dreams. i'm so sick of financial literacy. flerida in 5 days. it's been a really long time since i've had butterflies in my tummy. cheeseburgerrrr. i hate flossing. i love the words "encrusted" and "barnacles." i want to buy about 5 items from modcloth but i can barely afford one. i'm going to write a screenplay for ben, jennifer, and matt. blue otter pops. i want to try sushi. what is a straightener? i think i've forgotten how to use one. facebook... i'm over it. i'm starting my book collection. i've felt like making cookies ever since that movie. i love jude's accent. i licked a fish.

have a good wednesday guys.


meg. said...

lisa mitchell.
that one is my favorite.
it should be played during a carnival while atop a ferris wheel.

kylie said...

i will help you with the screenplay. are you jealous of my room/bathroom setup? we are going to fla soon. once jude spoke to me in his accent. and i think you are rad.

Cole said...

Did you forget to mention who took care of that huge centipede? It is always best to have an empty can of diet coke close at hand. You never know when you'll need it.