Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I love the Smiths.

Awkward moments probably originated in elevators.
Some of the most uncomfortable situations are experience in elevators.

#1 - Standing there awkwardly when its just you and someone that you don't know. You look everywhere in the elevator, or pick one spot, and pretend to actually be interested in it. Whatever it takes to avoid eyecontact with the other person. Hopefully it isn't a long elevator ride. And heaven forbid they should try to talk to you...

#2 - "So where are you from?" Dang it. "Utah," you say, breaking your eyecontact with the wall, but not actually looking at the other person. "Oh.. Utah." "Yep." Awkward silence. "I'm from California." "Oh, that's cool." Cue another awkward silence.

#3 - Many people in an elevator can be awkward too. A handful of strangers in a 50-square-foot space all trying not to look at eachother or talk to eachother. Do you crack a joke to ease the tension? Who knows.

#4 - Getting off on the wrong floor, then realizing it's the wrong floor, doubling back to get back in the elevator, and the metal door to closes on you... and you scream. Chances are, there was someone in the elevator to see that embarrassing moment.

Elevators don't have to be awkward, I guess. They are good for some things. Like handstands. When it's just you and your sister, try it out. It's much harder than you might think.

Also, they have a lot of potential to house a romantic encounter.

Color my life with the chaos of trouble.


Hilary said...

My most awkward elevator moment:
I'm at the hospital visiting my dear Gram. I go down to the gift shop to buy myself a Sudoku puzzle book and as I am about to get back on the elevator I notice the intensely attractive boy that happens to be holding the doors for me. We bashfully smile at each other and once I'm in he asks me, "Which floor?"
"Floor!" I respond quickly, then immediately realize I'm an idiot. "Four... Floor four...." By this point my face is bright red.
Luckily, he was friendly and laughed. He then courteously made conversation with me for the rest of the ride up. Eventually the time comes for me to exit and as I look back at him to say goodbye, I most gracefully trip. What a beautiful elevator experience. I nearly ran to my grandma's hospital room.

Cole said...

I'll take the stairs, thank you. Shouldn't stairs be located near the elevator so you have a choice? Stairs all the way at the end of the hallways? Who planned that?