Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I have found the cure for obesity!

Ready for this...
move all of your food out of your kitchen and into your freezing garage.
That's what we did. But not because we wanted to.

Yesterday, I came home from school and my mom reported that our freezer was 50 degrees Fahrenheit that morning. That's warmer than it is outside. All of our food is now out in the garage fridge until we get a new one, or get it fixed.

Snacking is now a chore. I have to brave the cold and go outside to get a simple glass of milk or a string cheese. I guess this just proves even further the extent of my laziness. So, I haven't eaten much all day.

Thus, the cure for obesity is to break your fridge.

P. S. Word on the street is that a few people actually read this blog. I'm so excited to actually be writing to real people! Feel free to comment, so I feel popular. Also, to clear up the confusion, you can see if it is either me or Nicole who writes each post by looking at the bottom. This one is "Posted by Jessie." Not too bad.


meg. said...

i stalk your blog.
a little bit.

[love, kati] said...

i read your blog.
you could say, religiously.