Monday, January 4, 2010 many Rs are in that word?

Facebook pet peeve #2:

This could be just a pet peeve in general; it's not really specific to Facebook. That is just where I find it is most apparent.

"heeeyyy girrrl!!! i havent seen youu in foreverrr!); we should like playy soon! cuz i luvv u! your so cutee!!!(:(:(:"

That just looks really unintelligent to me.

Problem #1: Way too many extra letters. Is this you speaking in sheep, or did you stutter?
Problem #2: Multiple emoticons. And i thought ":)" was a smiley face. not "(:(:(:(:"
Problem #3: "i havent seen you in forever!" I think that is adding one too many prepositions. Also, let's add correct punctuation. "I haven't seen you forever!" I think that is more acceptable.
Problem #4: Your vs. You're. Y-O-U-R means it belongs to you. Y-O-U-apostrophe-R-E means you are. Just ask Ross.

There you have it.

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