Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The remains of a dead spider have been on my wall for months now. How long would it take to simply wipe it off? I don't know, 15 seconds. Why haven't I done it yet? Maybe I really like seeing spider guts and legs spread across two inches of my wall.

I'm going to read over Christmas break. Read for fun. No analyzing universal character traits, themes, or vocabulary. It's going to be great. I aim to read 3-5 books. First on the list: To Kill a Mockingbird. I think everyone who is anyone has read that. Except me. Thus, it is first on the list.

3 more A-days. 3 more B-days. 3 more finals. Hold on babe.

Raise your hand if you are crushing on Ron/Rupert. My hand is raised. Really high.

Happy Birthday to Kirsten {yesterday}. She's pretty awesome and attractive. I don't know how many 15 year old girls ask for swords for their birthday.

I'm afraid I'm addicted to space heaters. I waste around 20 minutes every morning sitting in front of that little machine. How does it have the power to draw in all those that pass by?

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kylie said...

i've never read to kill a mockingbird.
and i'm an english major.