Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today, I remembered why I like orchestra.

It's not going to class.
It's not practicing.
It's not trying to keep my music folder from falling apart.
It's not wearing all black.
It's not my callouses on my left hand.
It's not going to orchestra concerts.
It's not lugging my cello around.
It's not having a constant rosin stain on my left knee.
It's not having a sore ischium after sitting on the edge of my chair with impeccable posture for an extended period of time.
It's not the suppressed laughter when people find out I'm in "dorkestra."

I like the music.

Today we performed at Grovecrest Elementary. Seeing those kids get excited about orchestra music made me remember why I like it. I liked hearing them cheer and shout "Bravo! Bravo!" in their little voices. I liked seeing their faces when we played a really fast measure or two. There is never the same energy in class as there is in a peformance. Sometimes when we play a piece really well, it affects me {Wedding day at Troldhaugen, Molly on the Shore, Dives and Lazarus, Pirates of the Caribbean}.
Orchestra is cool. I like the music.

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