Thursday, December 17, 2009

Calculus is on the mind...

Trapezoid Rule Worksheet

Question 3c:
Write a paragraph (short story) giving a possible explanation for the fluctuations in the amount of water in the tank over the given time period.

Mr. Palmer's answer from the solution guide:
Between t=0 to t=6.5 hours, the people are in camp using water to drink, wash, or fill canteens. From the time period t=6.5 to t=13 the people are gone from camp allowing the spring to refill the water tank. Between t=13 and t=18 hours, the people have returned to camp and used water again at a rate greater than the spring puts water in the tank.

My answer:
Once upon a time, there was a tank nestled at the base of a mountain. It was the primary water source for the city of Frell. At 0 hours, all the evil stepmothers in the city sent out their daughters to fetch water from the tank. The water tank was down to 525 gallons after 6 1/2 hours (there were a lot of stepmothers in the town). Then, the enchantress of the village made it rain, as to fill the tank. At 13 hours, the tanks was VERY full, almost overflowing. So, the enchantress sent the unicorns to drink the excess water from the tank. At 18 hours, there were 1310 gallons, and they all lived happily ever after. The End.

I guess when I see the words "short story," I immediately think "fairy tale."
I hope Palmer accepts it.

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