Tuesday, June 7, 2016

thankful for this day

Most days, my routine goes as follows: Wake up around 9, wait for Shae to wake up, snuggle party, cereal and scripture party, then Shae leaves to go study and I spend ALL DAY taking pictures of fabric swatches for men's suits for a company's website. Yeah, it's basically a bunch of black and grey fabric that I stare at all day (see below). Then Shae comes home at night, we eat dinner, play like three rounds of phase ten, and watch an episode of Parks and Rec or the Andy Griffith Show (yes, true story), and go to sleep around 1am. Then we restart the next day.

My photo library is completely full of these!!! It's a job, and most jobs are pretty boring, I realize, but this one makes my eyes hurt and back hurt and generally is really tiring. Yesterday I had kind of a frustrating day with this whole project, but today I was able to just de-stress a little bit and work on a painting job, which I LOVE. I did the first stage of Brynn and Zach's wedding announcements and I feel so much better. My chill is restored. Thank you, little leaves and succulents, for saving me today.

Fabric swatches, we shall meet again on Thursday (stink eye).

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Kynia said...

y'all are so cute! And that announcement is GORGEOUS! xX