Friday, June 3, 2016


June is always one of my favorite months, mainly because the nights start to get warmer and the grass is finally plush enough to lay on. This morning I went on a jog (and it was pretty terrible), but the day was so nice and I found out I live just a few minutes away from a Jamba Juice AND Daylight Donuts. My car came back from being fixed and it runs so much better now, and even though I'm poorer, at least I can leave a one mile radius again. Shae is taking the DAT in two weeks, and after that we will (in his words) "do all the fun things" after these months of strict study time. June has some promise, you know?

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Kynia said...

those legs though... ;) June does have promise, and maybe that's what makes it so great? It's like the dawn of adventure! xX