Friday, January 29, 2016


On Friday the 15th I turned 23. 23! Happy Birthday to me!
Since my birthday falls on a 3-day weekend most years, we decided (back in October) it would be fun to go to Disneyland for my birthday and as like another lil' honeymoon. So we did.

We left on the evening of my birthday, got to the Long Beach Airport, and took our first Uber ride. The next morning we got up early (k, I did and was like I AM GOING TO DISNEYLAND TODAY while 
Shae slept in then when I woke him up he pretended he was as excited as I was) and headed to Disneyland! 

We did the park hopper pass so we could also hang out at CA adventure. 
We fell in love with the (new?) cars land. 
So much that we streamed Cars 2 in our hotel room that night. 

It was such a fun way to celebrate a birthday/hang out in 65 degree weather.
Why is Disneyland so magical? idk but IT IS.

Also, Sunday we went to Newport and met up with a couple mission friends.
It was kind of crazy to be back at newport as married people -- We met up there
back in June for our friends' wedding when Shae was 
in the middle of summer sales in Nebraska (boo). 
This time was pretty awesome because I didn't have that impending sadness of leaving him on the back of my mind. We just live together now. (dancing girl emoji).

Then we almost missed our flight home because Shae got super into his chemistry homework and "didn't want to board yet." haaaa. But we made it. I wouldn't have been that sad if we missed it and had to stay though...

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kylee said...

Uhhh HI, DISNEYLAND FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY! and your hair! I'm kind of dying of jealousy over here.