Sunday, November 11, 2012

top 5 today

i don't talk about celebrity crushes often enough on here, do i? (HAHAHA).
whatever. these are my top 5 today*:

5. paul rudd

4. brett mckenzie

3. brandon flowers

2. ben affleck

1. john krasinski

i'm thinking about john krasinski because i accidentally watched this and this on youtube today. ahhhhh he is something.

that's all. who are your top 5 today?

*because these top 5 change almost daily

edit: i would also like to add michael fassbender to that list somewhere. we'll make it top 6. kthanks.


johanna said...

I love Paul Rudd. And everyone makes fun of me. He's truly great though. So so funny and kind of underrated.

olivia said...

Can't forget about this guy, I love the office.

and I just started crying.