Saturday, November 24, 2012

my first and last one direction post (probably)

last night, my sister jamie, my mom and i played "snog, date, dump, marry, brother" with the 1D boys,
 and i said i would marry niall.
jamie wasn't quite ok with me saying that, and assured me that niall was all hers and i better keep my distance.

she may have a fit, but i just want to immortalize this moment:

i have it written in digital ink. "jamie wants to share niall with me."
looks like he isn't all yours anymore, james!

she meant to just share this photo with me.
and i may or may not have spit some water out when i saw it.
uh oh.

for the record, i would snog harry, date liam, dump louis, marry niall, and want zayn as my brother. let it be known.


Jamie said...

I am not sharing. Sorry, but he is mine.

Linds said...

yeah, um... he’s a babe.

Eryn said...

i just drooled all over myself