Friday, November 16, 2012

and the decades disappear like sinking ships, but we persevere.

2 weeks until the killers. i googled a current setlist.
* = songs during which i will probably cry.

1. runaways*
2. the way it was***
3. smile like you mean it**
4. spaceman*
5. flesh and bone*
6. tranquilize*
7. heart of a girl*
8. bling*
9. miss atomic bomb*
10. human**
11. somebody told me*
12. here with me*
13. for reasons unknown*
14. from here on out*
15. a dustland fairytale**
16. read my mind***
17. mr. brightside***
18. all these things that i've done****
19. be still***
20. jenny was a friend of mine*
21. battle born**
22. when you were young***

and if for some reason bf plays "crossfire," i will die happy.


jenna said...

gah! i wanna go!!

Robyn said...

I AM SO EXCITED. I am over the moon happy that I get to be in the same building as this beautiful man. This recent Killers album is so good that I don't even care that I'm going to this concert solo.

megan danielle said...

so jealous! and crossfire? soooo good. well, all of it is so good really.

Brissa said...

i'm not talking to you i'm too jealous.

noahkershisnik said...

This made me the happiest cat of all the cats.