Tuesday, March 6, 2012


when i get ideas for potential blog posts, i usually jot them down in a draft. there are a bunch of those baby ideas that i probably will never write into full posts. so here's a taste of what could have been:

i ate a kumquat for the first time today and it was real goooood. they are like baby oranges.

if i could switch with someone for a day, i think i would choose kate middleton.

is it just me, or do owen wilson and ellen degeneres look really similar...

maybe my life revolves around food.

i just want to make nice things and have a nice husband and be happy.

i spent $5.24 in the past two weeks. that's cool.

i like adam levine. mostly his voice. his face is good too.


sydnee said...

my life also revolves around food.

Kelsey said...

I've thought the exact same thing about Owen Wilson!

kylie said...

i will bring you the feature from instyle about adam levine. you will love it. also, yes about the kate middleton freaky-friday switch.

kylie said...

also, just now, to verify the previous comment, one of the words i had to type was "vapoop." i thought it was hilarious.

Brissa said...

i just love this.
i laughed.
out loud.
at work.

Cole said...

awesome! you should just do full blog posts on all of these. lyt