Friday, March 23, 2012


i got tagged by mallory. who is awesome and gorgeous and loves cats. i'm not really going to follow the rules, but here it is:

post a picture of yourself
there i am, with a whole bunch of strangers. we were united by our love of hp at that moment.

1. what band(s) did you grow up on?
queen. I can sing you all the queen songs.

2. name three things that would be in your worst nightmare.
sea creatures, being kidnapped, my teeth falling out.

3. if your wedding was tomorrow, what would it be like?
there would be lace and a temple and a really nice groom.

4. what is your favorite band, album, song?
it is so impossible for me to pick a favorite. but right now i love brandon flowers' album "flamingo." and the song "just a game" by birdy.

5. kiss, date, dump. jake gyllenhaal, channing tatum, jude law? choose wisely.
this isn't a hard one for me. date jake, snog jude, dump channing.
a hard one for me that i refuse to answer is: ryan gosling, zachary levi, robert downey jr.

6. what are your favorite names for a boy and a girl?
sometimes i'm afraid of sharing my kids' names because i don't want them to be stolen. like i'm having kids soon anyway.... but i like emma and will.

7. if you had unlimited money, where would you travel in the world?
everywhere. everywhere. but first, i would probably go to iceland.

8. what is the funniest video you have seen on youtube?
right now i really like bad lip reading. and flula. the accent kills me.

9. describe your ideal man.
loves me. likes harry potter. doesn't litter. wears a seatbelt.

10. what is your fashion weakness?
grey. i have too much grey but i always like it and i keep wearing it.

11. give us a favorite quote.
wait on the lord; be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart. wait, i say, on the lord. - psalms 27:14


megan danielle said...

i have way too much grey as makes my mother so mad, look at that! im wearing grey right now! haha

Kaleena J. said...

after reading this, i realize even more how much we have in common.

W. R. Duclos said...

I took that picture. Me.