Monday, March 5, 2012


it's 63 degrees outside. my brain is programmed to think i'm supposed to be golfing right now. that's how i've spent every spring day for the past 3 years. so it's a little weird that i'm studying for an exam and going to work in half an hour, and not at golf practice. hmm. it ain't right.

i named my driver bruce willis because it is really bad-a. i'm letting kirsten use him this season since i won't be able to give him much attention. sorry for leaving you, bruce willis. at least you get to go out and play. make mama proud.


kassie said...

Take us back.

kylie said...

if only our lives were such that we could spend our days golfing. well, my life sort of is...hehehe. don't worry - you can golf in the verano.