Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine's day

10:34 - woke up. hey, i need to be at devotional in 20 minutes
10:45 - put on red pants, grey shirt, burned my head with the curling iron
11:00 - devotional by a british guy who referenced harry potter
12:00 - chik-fil-a with dad and kylie. also, got some candy from mom and dad
12:54 - saw a guy riding a bike, carrying a guitar and flowers
1:21 - watched grammy performances on youtube. you go, adele
1:40 - studied for midterms, and sent my valentine a text or two
4:00 - went to class and watched clips of shakespeare adaptations
5:15 - worked, sang loud in edit bay 18
8:15 - dinner
8:20 - ate a cupcake from brooke's mom
8:40 - remembered how i can't do math. curse you, hardy-weinburg equation
right now - studying more. my brain is taaaahhhrd.

...in case you cared to know what i did today.
happy valentines day!

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ChinkyGirLMeL said...

My Valentine's Day was spent at work and I had dinner with my mom. Cheers to Valentine's Day.