Tuesday, February 7, 2012

confessions. and a funny thing.

the funny thing first:
it caught me off guard. i didn't know the altoids people were funny.

confession 1: i would love nothing more than to watch the justin bieber movie right now.
confession 2: i listened to fawkes the phoenix from hp2 today and got the chills and almost felt like crying because it is so beautiful and i love harry potter.
confession 3: i only had two confessions today.


clay said...


i just barely watched the justin bieber movie.

sydnee said...

the justin bieber movie is on netflix. you won't regret it, i promise.

Brissa said...

since when are altoid people funny?!?! and how to mermaids get pregnant?
i love biebsy's movie. love it.

W. R. Duclos said...

A. You will regret it, ask Clay.
B. Brissa, if you want your question answered, ask your parents.