Monday, February 6, 2012


i'm in the middle of the film major application process. it's crazy, people. craaazy. plus i have all my usual homework and editing that tv show. it'll be a busy week.

i've been thinking about my future a lot lately. i have a lot of stuff i want to do in my life. like study abroad. and live in a different state for a while. and become really good at yoga.

also, i got an insane desire to go somewhere warm today (even though this winter has been remarkably warm) with a palm trees and a pool and where the sidewalk burns your bare feet.

i'm off to do some more studying. keep it real everyone.

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ann clarke said...

Love you blogs. I have been no where for a month. I would go somewhere if it was worth getting ready to go like get dressed, apply makeup, comb hair, load wheelchair and take a friend to help. Guess I'll stay home and r4ead blogs for ideas of where to go and what to do. Luv u, Gma Ann